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  • John Duncan

Coronado Councilmember John Duncan Announces Run for Mayor 2024

After much reflection and encouragement from dozens of community leaders, I am writing to declare my candidacy to become the 54th Mayor of Coronado. As a sitting Councilmember and active member of several community groups, I see the current opportunities and challenges facing Coronado. Although we proudly consider ourselves a “small town” isolated from regional and state policies, the truth is the city is a 100 million dollar enterprise directly and immensely impacted by policies from regional agencies and laws from Sacramento. Coronado deserves thoughtful and professional leadership both at home and across the bridge to guide Coronado forward while maintaining our community’s unique character. I believe my past 25 years of experience in law, business, finance, and asset management make me uniquely qualified to oversee the city’s financial position.

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